What did you do, Burak Özçivit? 200 thousand TL....
 Burak Özçivit sent three vehicles to the auto industry and modified it, learned that it would pay 200 thousand TL for the transactions.

Known for his passion for automobiles, Burak Özçivit left his three cars to Maslak Atatürk Oto Sanayi for modification. With six cars in the garage, the Mercedes will be fitted with a jeep, Chevrolet Camaro and Mercedes s350 vehicles, fitted with rims, interior trim and steering.
 Özçivit will pay 200 thousand TL for all these transactions.
 During the periods when the player was idle, it was learned that he visited and bought cars in different cities with the advice of his friends .
 Özçivit has brought the vehicles to Istanbul, maintenance and modification, and then used it for a while and then sold at high prices.

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