The first Turkish series produced by Netflix, "Muhafez", or "protector", has been able to achieve high rate  since its launch on Netflix for the first time until it became one of the most watched series on NETFLIX.

Once again the series "the protector" enters history after the first season show via NETFLIX
The first Turkish Netflix series continues its success since it was made available via Netflix on December 14 last season.

Where it became the highest serials watched through Netflix  on the site in two days, itt became the most non-English-speaking series watched through Netflix.

The first Turkish Netflix series  announces its deepening in the Turkish market has opened the field for the expansion of all the confidence to count on the success of the series " the protector" .

Netflix has become among the 10th most watched TV series  in the United States.

It is a big step for the heroes of the series who are seeking Hollywood world, headed by the protagonist of the series Cagatay  Ulusoy, who has already started taking acting classes in America last year in preparation for moving  to Hollywood.

New record achieved by Netflix series "protector"

Over 10 million hits in the first 4 weeks of the first season of the NETFLIX
The series " the protector "managed to engrave its name in history, being the first Turkish series produced by Netflix not only this, but it is among the most watched series in the United States under the production of  Netflix International,and reserves the title being the highest and most watched series.

The number of viewers of Netflix Turkish series "protector" to about 10 million subscribers in the network NETFLIX.

It is noteworthy that the number of viewers of the series "Muhafez" on NETFLIX is equal to the number of viewers of the British bodyguard, who nominated for the best drama series in the Golden Globe and won the champion of the series Richard Madden the Golden Globe Award as the best drama actor of 2019.

Due to the success of the first season of the series of 10 episodes only, Netflix decided to produce a third and fourth season after it was scheduled to show only two parts.

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