Pelin Akil Anil Altan answered questions from her followers on YouTube channels.

Pelin Akil, "How did you tell your husband that you're pregnant?"

" We learned that I was pregnant. We went to the hospital. Then the doctor came and said,  We cannot take your X-ray. Sonra For a moment, I thought there was something. "Why" I said? ’You can't go into a tomography because your pregnancy values ​​are very high,‘ he said. We were very surprised, we did not expect. It was a surprise.

" The moment we learned they were twins was the biggest shock of the world for us. We thought it was 3 months singular. Our doctor saw it late. We said ’there seems to be something else , and our doctor said’ no, that is a reflection of light . The 2nd time were shocked when we went again after checking out. He looks at a monitor, he's looking at us. "You will have twins," he said. We were shocked! "

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