Ozcan Deniz, who will  sing again and return after four years, was claimed to receive $ 1 million for this concert.

According to Sabah newspaper  Ozcan Deniz  will give a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel and has claimed full receive $ 1 million for this concert.
 Bülent Cankurt's article "First Concert in Israel after 4 Years" is as follows:

Özcan Deniz, whom I remember last stepping on Günay, returns to the stage after four years!
Özcan Deniz, who is very much loved in Israel with his series 'İstanbullı Gelin', starring Aslı Enver and will appear on the Menora Mivtachim Arena on April 6th with an orchestra of 20 people. I've learned why Ozcan Deniz, who says 'no' to every concert offer for four years, says 'yes' to the proposal from Israel. Deniz would get $ 1 million for this concert! Asli Enver, who is also his partner in the series , will go to the concert for 350 thousand dollars.


For such special concerts, when I hear these numbers given only to the world stars, I would say 'I'm not surprised'! Meanwhile, Özcan Deniz concert at Menora Mivtachim Arena, which has a capacity of 10 thousand 383, was sold at prices ranging from 720 to 1440 TL in the previous week and tickets were sold in 6 hours.
 Apparently, our artists are now competing with world stars in the Middle East. "

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