According to turkish journalist Ranini, in order to have superstar status in Turkey, you must now get the main role in the Netflix series. First this “tick” in the career put Cagatay Ulusoy (first actor) and Beren Saat (first actress). Now the press began active movements with finding out who the next will become a Netflix star.

In the comments to this post, not very smart fans of Tuba Büyüküstün staged another booze, arguing that their star will be the first to shoot in Netflix International format, while the rest of the actors worked for Netflix Turkey. They were immediately put in place, recommending that they familiarize themselves with the “materiel” and find out that all the TV series produced outside the US are produced as Netflix International, although Netflix itself prefers not to share its production on a territorial basis, releasing all the TV series under the Netflix Original label.

Ranini herself was surprised at such a discussion, specifying that Tuba would act as part of a small documentary drama cast. Nothing special, because this is not the main role. Moreover, talking about some kind of Netflix International is quite funny.

However, considering that Tuba is not the main heroine of Ottoman Rising at all, the dispute is quite useless. One can only argue whether Cem Yigit Yuziumoglu could get the status of Netflix star, because he signed a contract not with Netflix directly as CagataY UlusOY and Beren Saat, but with his contractor Karga 7 Pictures

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