It seems that the Turkish series face a real crisis with the viewing rate, which makes it a measure to complete the show or stop it, which caused the suspension of a number of Turkish serials that have been attached to the public during the recent period.

A decision to stop the Muhteşem İkili series after failing to achieve high views

" Muhteşem İkili" has faced a major crisis since it premiered in Turkey, Where it did not achieve high viewing rate during its premiere on Thursday as it is weekly showed in Turkey.

But it was strongly stumbled on the series on Thursday, where on Thursday in Turkey show a large number of Turkish series strong series such as once upon in Chokurova, which strongly controls the proportions of the views on Thursday,
It became the second highest series watching in Turkey after the series of Artegurl resurrection  the fifth season .

Also   the series of "our story" season 2  in addition to the new entry of the" crash" series.

All these series  led to the deterioration of the views of the Muhteşem İkili series, which has achieved 2 in the viewing ratios which  is  very weak .

Stop the show of the Muhteşem İkili series at episode 13

Until the change of the show day did not help viewers of  Muhteşem İkiliseries
Despite the low rate  of the episodes of the series of Muhteşem İkilifrom the very beginning, the channel decided to change the date of the show to Tuesday, hoping to increase the proportion of episodes of the series.

But there was no difference to the ratio of the views of Muhteşem İkili series and saw a sharp decline in the viewing rate did not exceed 2% even with the change of the display day.

So the Turkish channel KANAL D make a decision to stop the show   at the 13th episode .

This deccision shocked the international audience that is already attached to the series.


  1. Sorry Muhtesem Ikili didn't make it. Loved watching it in the U.S.!

  2. No me puedo creer que no lo consiguiera...

  3. i love this series. hoping for the next episode or season.


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