Actress Beren Saat was married to Kenan Doğulu, whom she met in 2012, at the Malibu Beach in Los Angeles in 2014.
Famous player celebrated her35th birthday yesterday by  sharing black and white photo with no makeup on Instagram and stated this message :

I've got another age today! With the fact that people can be ruthless as they get older; I am struggling between the fact that they all came to Earth as the perfect baby. On the one hand I swim in a collective love, on the one hand I feel hatred at the age of my birthday now cried, I come laughing :) "

"At the moment I thought it was the darkest birthday I had ever stepped on, Efe and our song Hero were all over the place, and the light on the radio again spread to my soul.

"A resistance is a living and a flow, at the same time it is an acceptance, disintegration, complete and rebirth; To create a conviction, without kidding, kneeling down and living as a bent, but still a love, it is such a love that everyone is as good as it is.

Beren Saat 's message in the social media' marriage has a crisis in marriage' claims.

Kenan Doğulu did not celebrate the birthday of his wife also strengthened the claims. However, in previous years for the birth of his wife on the social media he did.

 26 February, last year, he shared this picture with this message "You are born into a gift to this world a very special soul my dear. .

In 2017, he celebrated the birthday of Beren Saat with this message, "Happy birthday is my game friend, my love partner. Your beautiful face is always laughing :) Good thing you are! I love you very much ..."

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