Beren Saat became the guest of the Sunday Talks organized by Famelog Academy, the art and acting academy of Beykoz Kundura! At the Kundura Cinema on Sunday, February 17, with the intense participation of its fans, the successful actress had a cheerful conversation with the participants about her acting, her experiences and her life.

Turkey's most important historical and artistic plateau which is located in Beykoz Famelog Academy Kundura; In addition to the trainings which prepare students for professional life in many different fields of art, Famelog Academy Market Talks is organizing a series of interviews with important names of culture and art world.


In February, the third Sunday of each month's Famelog Academy Sunday Talks was held; "Forbidden Love" and "What Fatmagül'ün Crime", "Magnificent Century Kösem" by signing the giant project like Turkey and many countries of the world resounding Beren Saat was successful players. The popular actress, who took place in Kundura Cinema, attracted a lot of attention, answered the questions of the participants in a pleasant conversation about her acting, experiences and life.

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