Keremcem's separation pain lasted 2 months. In the previous evening he said that her name was Gazal and he had romantic dinner with one of the Iranian young girls in her 20s in Nişantaşı.
Keremcem came next to the reporters waiting at the door at the leyen We met new. We eat for now,  he said.

He didn't neglect to advertise his new song ın Love Know Your Job ’which will be on 14 February Valentine's Day.

 He smiled at the question ’Did you write to Gazal Hanim?“

The attitude of the duo against the cameras became clear that a new love had begun.

 Kerem cem 9 months married in 2015, divorced actress Seda Güven drew attention to the similarity
with the new girl.

 Seda Güven

Singer and actor Keremcem (42) lived for a year with Ilay Erkök (27), who was 15 years younger than him.they left each other  last December.
ilay erkök keremcem

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