Hazal Kaya, who attended the baby shower party organized by Sinem Ozturk, answered the allegations one by one.

 Hazal Kaya, who was sitting at a wedding table in February and united her life with Ali Atay, joined the party of her  friend Sinem Öztürk's baby shower the other day.

Kaya talked to all the questions one by one, chatter with journalists on the exit.
 "What changed in your life after marriage?"
 "Nothing has changed in my life after marriage," she replied.

It is said that Hazal Kaya did not invite Beren Saat to her wedding.
 Beren must have a reason.
 We had a lot of friends who couldn't come. Nothing like not inviting me to the wedding.
I think they take Ask i memnu as the real life, .
 We're not like that.
 " Kaya  claim to be pregnant is it true,?
 "I'm not pregnant. I don't know who made it up," She denied.

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