Furkan Palalı was also included in the band of celebrities with their muscles. Palalı's last form was similar to his colleague Can Yaman. The common point among them is Demet Özdemir, whose names are involved in love rumors.

In the last years, the trend of hair extension and muscle building, which has become a trend, has finally joined the handsome player Furkan Palalı. Furkan Palalı who does not appear in the gym for some time, the new version of the "Can Yaman'a exalted" commented.


Social media account with new muscles share Instagram Palalı, divided his followers in two. Some of the social media users say that the muscles fit the player, while others found it too exaggerated. In addition, the new image of Palalı and his body was likened to his colleague Can Yaman.


The two handsome players have more of a common point in addition to their muscles and hair. Furkan Palalı had played the lead role in the same project with Demet Özdemir a year and a half ago, and the name of the pair was mixed up in love rumors. Now Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir took the lead role in the same project, and the name of this duo was also involved in love rumors.

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