Engin Akurek and Berguzar Korel, who have a wide fan base, experienced happiness from the flower surprise of their fans coming from Russia.
 On February 15, the film was released for the first time, and film fans offer congratulations.
Leading actors Engin Akyurek and Berguzar Korel shared their feelings in front of the crowd. Engin Akurek said: Engin We think this is a beautiful love movie. Today, February 14, has become significant. We really liked the movie. Hope you like it too.

Talking about love, Engin Akyurek: Did you find love?
"Love made the movie in the form of love .Maybe I got love".  He answered.

Berguzar Korel began her speech by thanking the crowd and said: "We are just as happy as you are." We tried to make a movie. We will see the reaction. I hope you enjoy .
Engin Akurek and Berguzar Korel watched the film with their lovers at the end of the meeting.

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