All eyes are on Can Yaman, one of the most popular names of the last period with his starring. Can Yaman, who has not changed from the magazine agenda due to the incredible change and love rumors with Demet Özdemir, is one of the most curious about his private life. Because those who see his mother can't hide their surprise. .
Can Yaman, whose career came to the fore with a double in his career with his debut called " Early Bird", is also in the lens with his acting and his private life. Especially with his co-star Demet Özdemir, everything about Can Yaman who was allegedly living  love was wondered and one of the most talked about topics was his mother. You will be very surprised to see Can Yaman's mother

In an interview, Can Yaman stated that he didn't do sports in his childhood, and that he grew up in a very loving family. Can Yaman's parents separated when Can Yaman was still a child.

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