Bergüzar Korel, who had a son named Ali from his marriage with Halit Ergenç, also gave a green light to a second child!

Recently played with Engin Akyürek on " Bir Aşk İki Hayat ", the actress in Günaydın tv  program of İlker Gezici gave intimate explanations ..,

Bergüzar Korel is said that you look cold and distant from the outside.

"Yes, they don't know me, but after  knowing me , oh, they say you're smiling.
After all these years, I think those molds have been destroyed."

Speaking about her son Ali, Korel says:
" Let us spend time together, let us come to sleep all together to sit and watch tv togother
We're trying to raise a child who touches as much as we can. We need to teach our children patience. I intend to raise children who are more patient, more  thankful, happy with what they have.
 Ali,  is happy with his simple life. She says the rules we put on his were full. He understands us.

”Would you like to be a mother again?
 Bergüzar Korel gave the following answer:

“Yes, I would. if God will. It would be nice if Ali had a brother. I love motherhood. 

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