TV series The Protector

 On the third day of the show  on the platform of the Netflix TV series The Protector has already got into the heading “Popular”, settling down in a pleasant neighborhood with such projects as Breaking Bad, Sabrina, Strange Things, House of Cards. And from Narkos it is separated only four projects.

Here are   a few comments and feedback to the series.

Tokyo Blogger - If there are any flaws and oddities, you believe in the world shown in the series, there are no problems with that. Cagatay Ulusoy and Hazar Erciugliu showed themselves as the best candidates for their roles. I did not see a single flaw in the series, not counting the scene with a broken arm.

The blogger from the Lost Atom page - I sat down to watch the first episode and was going to go to bed later. I always do that, usually I do it. But I woke up only after 7 hours, seeing all 10 episodes. Chagatay Ulusoy was magnificent, and the beautiful Ayça Ayşin Turan was even more beautiful than usual.

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