The first Turkish series  of Netflix was launched through its official website, which allows translation and dubbing from Turkish to a number of languages ​​.

But it seems that the Turkish newspapers did not like  the strange drawings that appeared during the episodes of the series "THE PROTECTOR."

Messages related to demons and drawings Masonic during the first season of the  "PROTECTOR"series
Network Netflix episodes of the first season of the series "MUHAFIZ" presented through its website under the title "PROTECTOR" in ENGLISH.

The series consists of 10 episodes of the first season .
 The duration of the episode between 33 to 45 minutes only.

This is   surprised  the follow-up of Turkish drama , which may last up to 3 hours in some cases.

On the other hand, the Turkish newspapers criticized drawings and messages about the demons and the Illuminati group, known as the Illuminati, a group that appeared in the 18th century and was associated with witchcraft,  and demons.

Which made the Turkish newspapers criticized  the series "how to show messages about those groups, especially strange graphics that appear through the name of the series and its official posters .

In fact, "The PROTECTOR"serial attracts young Turkish after the launch of the first season
But it seems that the first  "Netflix Turkish series" PROTECTOR "has attracted young Turks, especially as it differs from the previous Turkish series that were offered .

Where we find in the series of the "muhafez  the story of young Hakan, who suddenly turns his life from a young man to the protector life of the people of Istanbul to reveal his true past as the super hero Hakan, the last protector of the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish actor çağatayulusoy has been very popular in Turkey  since the "Inside" series, in which he showed a real talent for acting and was praised by everyone.

After Netflix announced the availability of the first season of the protector through its website on December 14, Hashtag arrived at the World Wide Web in the social networking site Twitter.

The series is composed of çağatayulusoy "Hakan", Aysa Turan "Lily" and Hazar Arcuglu "Zeyneb".

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