Turkish tax officials shared very valuable information with the people - who of the stars earns the most.
It turned out that the owner of the company Avşar Film, Sukru Avsar, was among the ten most valuable taxpayers in the country with a tax of 21 million 835 thousand lira. The lucky owner of the TV8 channel Acul Ilidzhaly contributed 7 million 900 thousand lire to the state treasury. And after several successful contracts, Kivanc Tatlitug was forced to share as much as 4 million 800 thousand lira with his native state.

It is curious that the lists do not have cem Yilmaz, Kerem Chatay, Fatih Aksoy, Timur Savci and other very wealthy gentlemen who conveniently settled on the Forbes lists. Obviously it's not their poverty, but in the successful optimization of the tax burden

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