As is well known, the second season of the "Forbidden Fruit" series does not cause much excitement among the Turkish audience. The project has lost 700 thousand spectators and dropped in the ratings. Apparently the scandal with the assistant costume designer Ozge Simsek and the leading actor Talat Bulut, whom the girl accused of harassment, seriously affected the attractiveness of the Forbidden Fruit in the eyes of ordinary people.

 However, such a simple explanation of the producer Fatih Aksoy did not suit. For some reason, he thought that his project ... was jinxed and took radical measures to remove damage. The film crew conducted a ritual purification of negative energy with the help of an elderly healer.

From the point of view of a Western person, this sounds ridiculous, but the Turks are quite superstitious and believe in the evil eye, therefore, from their point of view, everything is logical and correct.
See if this helps raise the Forbidden Fruit rating.

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