In November, Thursday will be one of the hottest and most intense days of the television week. To the already going hits Once in Chukurova, Our History and the Yard, two will be added at once - the Clash and the Magnificent Duo.

 It is curious that in both series there are similar characters. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ will give life to a character named Kadir Adaly - a policeman who lost his wife and injured past. In turn, Ibrahim Celikkol will be Mert Barjoy - a policeman ... who has lost his wife and injured past. It is impossible to predict which of the two characters the Turkish viewer will like, but we note that Kivanc is one of the most beloved and stellar actors in Turkey, so he will have a head start. But the series Ibrahim starts two weeks earlier.

The fight begins ... A collision is inevitable ... The magnificent deuce Ibrahim-Kvanchan will face on Thursday. Do not switch!

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