Turkish paparazzi is still concerned with the question of how the crew members relate to the scandal on the set of the Forbidden Fruit series. This time their "victim" was EdaEce, who was caught in the Jihangir area. She spoke diplomatically, but quite unequivocally: "I can not call myself a hater, but I understand the girl perfectly. We do not want to leave her alone with this situation. No one has the right to touch someone without consent. In addition, openly declare that with you this happened very difficult. We, women, find it difficult to protect ourselves. We are like civilized people, we will continue to work together, but do not let God to someone such a thing. "

Meanwhile, the fate of the series remains a big question. As we became aware, Fox channel put the Forbidden Fruit "on special control" and will closely monitor its ratings. If the series, which will return on September 10, will not show good enough numbers, then Turkish women have expressed their protest about the decision of the leadership to leave Talat Bulut in the film crew. Producer Fatih Aksoy is already in talks with another actor who can replace Talat. Otherwise, the series in general can be removed from the air. As always, the prosecutor will decide everything, but the Turkish audience who decide .

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