The largest Latin American manufacturers, Televis, who once won half of the world with his Marians and Marianne, announced that only 45% of his income they received from the production and sale of telenovelas. And this figure is rapidly declining. Thus, Televis formally subscribed to the already known truth - Latin American telenovels were not competitive even in their home market. There are two reasons. The first is the domination of the digital television market by Netflix, which provided a quality alternative.

The second is the domination of the Turkish TV series, which continue to eat off the television audience. Filmed not in pavilions, with excellent actors and full-scale shootings, Turkish series attract a Latin American audience. However, Turkish serial production faced a crisis. Only a dozen television projects are profitable. The rest suffer losses in the domestic market. This is offset by subsequent foreign sales, but such a gap between the costs of producers "here and now" and the income "then, in a couple of years" puts production in dependence on loans that are also in the high-risk zone due to the rapidly falling Turkish lira.

Will the Turkish film industry cope with the crisis?
 What alternative can producers offer?
Will they stake on the domestic market and "tighten their belts", or vice versa will completely leave for external sales, leaving the Turkish viewer low-budget handicrafts is not yet clear. Both ways are quite logical.

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