Talat Bulut, who was accused of harassing his costume assistant on the set of  Forbidden Apple series, was brought to the agenda.
On Friday morning, "Soylemezsem Olmaz" received a phone call on live TV show in which one of the spectators accused the actor Talat Bulut of harassing her sister in one of the shopping centers in Istanbul, where she worked as a saleswoman :

 "Hello, Ece and Bircan Hanım. Talat Bulut harassed my sister about 5 or 6 years ago, when she went to a shopping center to design a store. The next day he went to the same shop and continued with the same behavior. He stuck around until my sister was done. When he landed in the parking lot, he harassed her. Don't think it's exaggerated. That's really the case. My sister said this in fear. How can these be proved now? I hope something happens. A witness is found in a record and will be fined ."

The actor immediately filed a lawsuit against the presenters of the program, who made the baseless allegations of harassment on the air. The management of the channel decided to remove the leading Ece Erken and Bircan Bali from the air for an indefinite period.

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