Seçkin Özdemir unsubscribed from his beloved Demet Ozdemir in the instagram and twitter, and also deleted all the joint photos and even the likes and retweets of her tweets.
 This caused a stormy reaction in the Turkish press, which claims that the pair broke up. The actors themselves do not deny this.
 According to rumors, the reason for the separation was employment and the inability to devote time to each other, not treason, which some publications began to hint. The lovers quarreled over the phone, after which Seckin  removed all the joint photos. Demet, after a moment's thought, did the same. However, since it's not about treason, it's quite possible that the couple will reconcile.

 Although the Turkish paparazzi immediately started ringing about the novel between the main characters of the series Early bird, serious sources deny everything. Anyone who would like to see Demet with Can Yaman - better not dream. Can has been quite a serious novel for four months already and he has completely gone into a new relationship, which, however, does not want to advertise

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