Very soon the fans of the series are waiting for a new meeting with the beloved series. I do not think I will be able to do that. I do not know what to expect. The story moves in the planned rhythm, and the creators choose a toddler who will play the daughter of the Boran.

 She became a 6-month-old Ada Ozdemir. For one series the girl will receive 1.5 thousand liras (about 16 thousand rubles).

Those who managed to get acquainted with the book, which formed the basis of the script from Istanbul, noticed significant discrepancies with the original. As the writer, Deniz Akchay admitted that they had to change the characters.

 For example, in the book, Sureia suffered from a severe mental disorder - she was sick with schizophrenia. In the series, the accents are arranged differently and the characters are relaxed. Thus, the events that happened in the book, namely the auto accident, which cost the lives of Faruk and Sureya, will not necessarily be transferred to the screen.

 The spectators can expect a pleasant surprise. 

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