The American FOX Broadcasting Company together with its Turkish branch Fox Turkey has started an active phase of preparing the series Rumi / Rumi, dedicated to the life of the outstanding Arab poet Sufi Mevlana.

We remind you that it is he who is the founder of the most influential in Ottoman Turkey  and present tariqa of the Mevlevi dervishes.
 The series will be shown simultaneously in Turkish and American channels, so the length of the series will not be the usual two-hour long as it's done in Turkey, but 40-minute, the number of series is limited (there are still 10 or 20 unknown).
The narrative will begin in Tajikistan, where we will be shown the Mongolian invasion and flight of 13-year-old Mevlana's family to Konya and will continue in Turkey.

The main director is Guy Ricci, however he only directs the first episode, the Turkish directors will continue their work. Which company will do the series from the Turkish side is still unknown, but the name of Timur Savzhi and TIMS & B Productions is named.

The budget of the series is 20 million US dollars. The performer of the main role has already been found, but his name is kept in the strictest secrecy. However, on the network are creeping persistent rumors that the role of Mevlana will play Cagatay Ulusoy. And they became especially persistent in the last week. 

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