The first episode of "One Times Çukurova" series, which was the most popular in the new season, which was produced by TİMS & B Productions and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, which produced Turkish serials in many countries of the world,
The dazzling array of places, productions, costumes and impressive colors to the extent of its powerful staff is the most curious series of the season!

The series, which was welcomed with applause and heart emojacies in the social media, was also highly praised by its cast. The story was so curious, with a 1-minute image that was still published!

The first introduction of "Once Upon a Time", which will soon meet the audience on the Atv screen, was spoken by everyone who did not search for movies!

In 48 hours, the images watched by 1 million 250 thousand people were greatly appreciated.

Both the actor's fans and the band are already ready to watch a movie-like story every week!

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