Turkish star Beren Saat shared a new photo with her husband, singer Kenan Douglo, through her account on  "Instagram".

Beren appeared with her husband at the wedding ceremony of the Turkish singer «Bengu», published a picture of her husband kissed him, and commented: «Yes I love him», and denied rumors that repeated again on her separation from her husband because of differences between them.

This is not the first time that she and her husband have been confronted by rumors. At the beginning of the year there were some rumors about Beren's pregnancy in her first child. She purposely hid the news, but Beren tried to deny commonality in various ways, while some confirmed that she had traveled to the United States To make an operation to try to get a baby tube.

The heroine of the forbidden love celebrated her wedding on the Turkish singer Kenan Dougloo Los Angeles, July 29, 2014 After a love story, Perrin surprised her fans by appearing in her husband's latest videos with spontaneous dancing scenes.

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